Digital Consulting

Discover your best path to success in the Digital Age with the help of our industry experts

Digital Transformation

In today’s market, digital processes are crucial in maintaining efficiency and effectiveness. With the flexibility and agility technology can provide, sticking to purely manual operations will mean getting left behind.

We’ve helped companies transform their paper-based processes into trackable, scalable digital ones, saving time and money, as well as future-proofing their business. We do this through flow analysis and digitization, the recommendation of readily available tools and applications, and the creation of custom or semi-custom applications or programs as necessary.

Cloud Consulting

Cloud computing offers on-demand networked computing resources that can be deployed and configured with minimal interaction with the service provider. With cloud computing, companies no longer have to go through lengthy procurement processes, or do extensive negotiations with sales agents to add computing capabilities, or hire for in-house on-premises server maintenance. Instead, companies can set up and provision for their computing needs within minutes, using a self-service interface.

While cloud computing offers several benefits, it may not be the appropriate solution for every enterprise. For example, some companies may find that the elastic, self-serve advantages of cloud computing can result in uncontrolled server costs. Meanwhile, other companies may have strict security or data residency requirements that can prevent them from hosting their services to a cloud service provider. These kinds of difficulties can make deciding on cloud computing difficult for businesses, despite the numerous benefits it can offer.

Bonito Tech can help. We offer consulting services to help companies with everything about Cloud Computing. We can evaluate cloud computing platforms for you, assess their suitability, and help you control your cloud costs. We can even check cloud security, assist in migrations, or architect solutions. We have professionals certified by Google and the Cloud Security Alliance to help you with all your cloud computing tasks and more.

Infrastructure Planning and Consulting

Digital infrastructures can help streamline your operations and help your business reach a global audience. These infrastructures can be anything from simple websites to ERP systems that help you run your entire business operations. They are automated, and can reduce error and enable insight and analytics into your business that you would not be able to access when you operate analog. However, these systems, even though automated, do still require proper care and feeding. 

These are just some of the tasks that need to be done to ensure that your digital infrastructure remains efficient and effective:

  • planning for capacity in response to business
  • optimizing operational cost
  • maintaining the digital infrastructure to make sure it always runs smoothly
  • strengthening digital security
  • making sure it’s usable by end users, especially within your organization.

Our team has advised and run digital infrastructures for clients of multiple sizes—from simple local ecommerce stores, to multinational business operations. Armed with all this experience, Bonito Tech can ensure that your digital infrastructure usage is rightsized and optimized.