Data Engineering

Robust data processing for all your business needs

Database Modeling and Development

Data, even if it’s not “Big Data”, can be hard to deal with. Small to Medium enterprises can benefit from modeling and developing their databases to speed up processes, reduce errors, and gain new insights into their enterprise. Have dozens of Excel files scattered across different computers in your business? We can help you organize then into a central repository, for proper reference and analysis. Or we can help you sanitize those Excel files, and import them into a proper relational database for more power.

We developed the driver and franchise database for the execution of the Service Contracting Program under the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). For this program, we created a data model, implemented validations, and helped the LTFRB encode over 50,000 entities accurately.

PostgreSQL + PostGIS

PostgreSQL is a powerful free and open source database that rivals the feature set of database heavyweights like MSSQL and Oracle at a fraction of the cost.

We have over a decade of experience in developing software systems around PostgreSQL in many contexts: whether startup, SME, or Government. Among our projects is a data system around PostgreSQL that tracks millions of GPS data points generated by vehicles that is stored for fleet management purposes. All of that handled by a database that costs under $150 per month to maintain and operate.

Data Engineering and Analysis with Python

Python is our tool of choice for data engineering and analysis, with a vibrant ecosystem that facilitates data manipulation and cleanup, statistical analysis and visualization. Hand in hand with the digital transformation of previously-manual processes, we build tools that can do analysis at scale—this lets us validate policy assumptions against facts on the ground, and allows stakeholders to make decisions backed by real data.

For, we built a tool for predicting MRT-3 congestion based on historical data, and published our own analysis of transit accessibility during the COVID-19 Community Quarantine, and our partnerships have given us the opportunity to build them custom dashboards and data visualizations to give them near-real-time updates on their business operations, audit their processing pipeline to ensure quality and integrity, and do deep dive analyses to surface bottlenecks and service gaps.