Saving the largest gold mining firm in the USA millions of dollars


  1. Client had an extensive, often-confusing manual maintenance process for large mining vehicles and equipment.
  2. Client had paper-based and physical records of checklists that are difficult to track and manage.


  1. Interviews to capture middle and upper management goals and pain points (corporate higher-level employees, from managers to executive)
  2. On-site and in-premise observation and immersion with the Maintenance Operations team, to capture the process and standard operating procedures
  3. User-testing and iterative modifications of the platform based on feedback from users and process owners


Developed a Digital Work Management Platform

  • A tool that allows operations managers to track maintenance tasks virtually
  • Web Portal allows for the creation of task lists, with a companion iPad App for carrying out the activities
  • Captured field readings in real-time, and replaced paper-based processes

Over 1-million dollars in cost savings in the first week alone, of App rollout

  • Platform was iteratively improved after the first week of deployment, allowing sustained and increased cost savings.

Reduced turnaround times from days to minutes, resulting to millions of dollars in savings